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Blog article writing and posting service

Professional Blog article writing and posting service

Professional Writing Service
Professional Writing Service offers a writing service for English, Chinese and Norwegian language websites.

Google expects websites to keep their content fresh with regular updates to high quality content. We offer a service that provides articles and news to website owners to enable them to update their offering to Google and the public who are the potential customers who search for their products and services.

We monitor what our clients are up to and create technical pages, how to style pages, news and product reviews for our clients. Our service is popular because we handle everything and stick to a timetable that meets the best SEO standards for unique relevant high quality content.

Businesses that do not realize how important it is to stay ahead of the competition often pay someone to build a website and then think that is enough to generate sales. The truth is that the website is the place where a constant stream of content should be displayed. Much like theater needs new movies every week to attract the crowd.

Fresh content is important because it gives a business some valuable marketing material to email to their subscribers. The catch that if the content is stale people will never subscribe. It is the blog posts that we usually add to Facebook and Twitter for our regular customers. does the research and provides a fresh article on time every time.

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Lead Generation Service

The News Media Releases lead generation service creates consumer interest and customer inquiry about products, events or services offered by businesses.

We have experience helping businesses with list building, newsletter subscriber list building,building out reward programs, daily deal member lists or loyalty programs for sales leads and deal marketing.

Some of our sales techniques are advertising in some ways but may also include organic search engine result improvement and direct marketing to business niches. We create sales leads to convert into sales for our clients using online content, specific product website building and using social networking websites to gain business opportunities. We participate on social networks including linkedin, twitter and facebook to help businesses to market their new products, stock, deals and services.

We develop automated marketing and demand generation software and services for business-to-business marketers. Our task is to help vendors to connect with buyers who are looking for specific products or services and work with multiple vendors who can meet their needs. An example is the offer medical, fitness or dental services to a group of people who have registered as having an interest in buying those services.

Buyers enter details about themselves and the purchases that they intend to make, and News Media Releases matches them to one of our set of participating vendors. Unlike deal marketing we are paid for the lead that is a good fit for the customer. Typically, the buyer and the vendors can work out details of a deal, including everything from service levels to price.

We engage in social media marketing, email marketing, content management, web analytics and search engine optimization for our clients. We employ a performance based advertising model with search engine marketing strategies to promote clients on web sites in a number of markets, including: education, home services, financial services, business-to-business, medical/health, brand advertising, and career services.

Some of our deal clients provide daily discounts on products such as laptops, printers, monitors, and other business hardware, services such as marketing support, group buying discounts on products, and corporate entertainment, and office supplies. Our customers include entrepreneurs, small business owners, individuals who work from home and other professionals who are looking to move excess stock or professional time. offers various performance marketing products, including pay per lead and pay per click services, directory listings and display advertising. Social networking websites are primarily used by  to generate leads or gain business opportunities. We actively participate on social networks including linkedin, twitter and facebook to find talent pool or to market our customers' new products and services.

Every business has different needs so adapts its proven customer acquisition techniques to suit the product or service, country, region or town and the specific needs of a client.

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